Healthy Homes Evaluation:

Did you know your home may have hidden dangers that may affect your family’s health?

Ask yourself:

*Is the air in your home clean and healthy?

*Do your children have breathing problems? Like asthma?

*Is someone in your home allergic to mold?

*Do you know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning?

*Is there lead anywhere in your home?

 *Do you have household products containing chemicals that may harm you?

 *Do you use bug spray or other products to keep away pests?

 *Do you keep poisons where your children can reach them?


At an affordable cost, our certified building performance specialists are available to provide a detailed evaluation of your home.  The following areas will be assessed:

Indoor Air Quality

Mold and Moisture Issues

Asthma and Allergy Contributors

Lead Testing

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Drinking Water Testing

Hazardous Household Products


Home Safety