About Home Energy Services / Building Performance

What is building performance?

Building performance is how a building or a home reacts when subjected to a variety of weather extremes.  Some examples of these extremes would be:  summer heat, winter cold, seasonal rain and wind.

The performance of a building can be optimized through key ways:

  • Maintaining heating and cooling systems
  • Having proper insulation levels
  • Air sealing windows and doors
  • Other energy saving measures our team specializes in.

Our building performance team will take a pulse on your home’s energy health, then make a plan for you and implement energy savings chances. We carry out a whole-house energy evaluation and upon determining what your home needs we can provide:

  • Insulation of the attic, walls and floor areas
  • Perform major air sealing
  • Repair windows, doors and cracks in walls and ceilings
  • Health and safety evaluation of the home’s venting system and combustible appliances

We can also repair and replace vent fan systems, furnaces, and hot water heaters, while improving the health, safety, energy efficiency, and comfort of the home.

The Building Performance Division of Affordable Assistance can address all of these home issues at a reasonable price. The best part is that the profits from Affordable Assistance goes straight to helping OLHSA, a Community Action Agency, provide the free services desperately needed by so many of our struggling neighbors.

Our Experience

Since 1972, OLHSA and Affordable Assistance have provided energy savings to over 16,930 homes in Oakland and Livingston Counties. We have trained and professional staff members that have been performing work on houses for many years.


Affordable Assistance has maintained and continues to work in a partnership with DTE Energy and Consumers Energy. We are continuously involved with rebate and incentive programs available through the utility companies. These rebates may apply directly to the energy saving measures you have decided to address in your home, lowering your overall costs.